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Routledge. 1975. Paperback, häftad. 234 p. Very good condition. The American Journal of Sociology says of this book "Mouzelis knows and handles the literature well and accurately brings the reader up to the early sixties. A summarizer, synthesizer, and historian of modern theories, he serves his novice well. The more initiated student of formal organizations will appreciate the critiques of his favorite theorists: Mouzelis cuts clean and bold. Along with order, he does add critical insight to his borrowed materials."
One World. 1997. 323 s. Häftad. 340 gram. Mycket gott skick. This unique anthology of Buddhist scriptures traces the development of Buddhism through the ages and around the world. Designed to serve scholars and students, this classic text has also become a valuable resource for Buddhists and all those who wish to explore for themselves the original sources of one of the world's great religions. Accessible and jargon-free, these translations from the original Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese are presented in plain English by four leading experts on the language and literature of Buddhism, while a glossary of foreign terms completes a thoroughly comprehensive and timeless introduction to the subject.
I sell three books on Human Rights. They are: *An insiders guide to the UN- Linda Fasulo. 2009. Yale University Press. 80 SEK *Textbook on International Law- Rhona K.M Smith. 2010. Oxford University Press. 210 SEK. *Textbook on International Law- Martin Dixon. 2007. Oxford University Press. 250 SEK. I can send it by the post office, it gonna cost around 40-50 SEK. The books looks good, its not written inside either.
Student literatur Engelska: stepping stone 1 med cd. pris: 180 kr. ISBN 91-40-62994-5 Stepping stone 2 med cd. pris: 180 kr. ISBN 91-40-63036-6 eller 350 kr. för båda Skrivtrappan pris: 50 kr. ISBN 91-7434-481-1 Dikt och verklighet pris: 160 kr. Dikt och verklighet ordförrådet pris: 80 kr. eller 200 kr. för båda. Utveckling, livsvillkor och socialisation pris: 200 kr. ISBN 91-27-07513-3 Pedagogiskt ledarskap pris: 150 kr. ISBN 91-47-05582-0
Säljer min student till kursen spanska 1. Sin noticias de Gurb av Eduardo Mendoza: 90 kronor Amado amo av Rosa Montero: 50 kronor Las bicicletas son para el verano av Fernando Fernán-Gomez: 70 kronor Uso de la gramática española intermedio av Francisca Castro + facit: 100 kronor España historia, literatura y arte av Soledad Miguel: 150 kronor Bonniers spanska grammatik av Lars Fant, Ingrid Hermerén och Rakel Österberg: 250 kronor. Köp alla böcker för 550 kronor. Maila vilken/vilka böcker du är intresserad av och telefonummer så ringer jag upp.