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Folkmusik - Sverige, LP, Caprice CAP 1123 ( 1951-1976 / 1977 ) En fin produktion, avsedd att presentera svensk folkmusik utomlands. Texten på konvolutet är på engelska, tyska och franska. This record presents Swedish folk music, both vocal and instrumental; happy songs and serious songs; traditional musicians playing a variety of instruments with the fiddle well to the fore. The musicians are not professionals but people who work as farmers, painters, smiths, industrial workers, housewives, teachers etc, living in different parts of Sweden. Sleeve texts in English, French and German. Vinyl Mycket gott skick .
Jazz - modern, CD, Koch KOC CD 8510 ( 1964 / 1999 ) Art Farmer, här genomgående på flügelhorn, ledde en fin kvartett i mitten av 1960-talet, med Jim Hall g, Steve Swallow b och Pete LaRoca dr. Under en sverigeturné bekantade de sig med några folkvisor och spelade in dem i Stockholm. ""...The Art Farmer Quartet....was passing through Stockholm, Sweden at the time of this date and the musicians felt inspired to record a full album of traditional Swedish folk songs. Respect is paid to the often haunting melodies and Farmer sounds quite at home in this context, sometimes hinting a bit at Chet Baker. Fortunately, not all of the tunes are taken at a ballad pace, and once the themes are fully stated, Farmer and Hall have plenty of harmonically sophisticated solos. The band's cool and restrained style suits the music perfectly, turning it into jazz without losing its essence. Although a brief set (at under 33 minutes), every note counts on this successful outing."" (Scott Yanow, allmusic.com) Speltid 32:41. Begagnad .
speech practice for the gramophone ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH ITALIAN SPANISH SWEDISH Faced Records for Each Language A Talking Vocdbululary Uup-to-Date Everyday Phrases vikt 187 g copyright 1955 BY Waldemar J. Adams Stockholm proofreading examined BY Mauritz Asplund published 1938 PRINTED IN Sweden. SID 75 HÄFTAD omfång 18 x 22, 5 cm vikt 183 g begagnat skick
Utah, Everton Publishers Inc., 1981. 8:o. (10), 205 s. Förlagets röda klotband med rygg- & pärmtitel samt pärmdekor i guld. Ryggen med antydan till brytmärke. Third printing, 1981. Contents: The language; The country; The names of places; The names of persons; The archives; Fixed and movable feast days; The handwriting; The swedish mission records of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints; Emigration records; The parish registers; The clerical survey records; Census records and land records; Court records; Military records; Genealogical associations, magazines and printed books; Appendix A. List of swedish and finnish army units; Appendix A-1. Index over companies and squadrons of swedish army units in alphabetical order; Appendix A-2. Index over companies and squadrons of swedish army units in regimental order; Appendix B. Swedish probate records with indexes; Appendix C. An alphabetical index of all parishes in Sweden; Appendix D. Word list; Appendix E. Bibliography.