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Hej! Jag är 28 år gammal tjej som jobbar på ambassad i Stockholm. På grund att min nuvarande hyresvärd har bestämt att sälja lägenhet är jag tvungen att söka bostad från den 30 April, 2011 (eventuellt tidigare). Jag vill helst hyra för längre period 1-2 år, minst 6 månader. Ambassaden står för hyran och är ett garanti att det blir inga betalningsproblem. Jag är rökfri, skötsam och trevlig person. Har goda referenser och stabil ekonomi. Om det låter intressant hör av er! mvh Milda Lukoseviciute
Upplaga utgiven i England(Hamish Hamilton) 1969 Förlagsband med nött skyddsomslag. Present till en m
Upplaga utgiven i England(Hamish Hamilton) 1969 Förlagsband med nött skyddsomslag. Present till en medlem i Riksdagens Utrikesutskott. Medlemmarna i utskottet, Bertil Ohlin m.fl., har skrivir sina namnteckningar på försättsbladet.
GROVE PRESS INC NEW YORK 1985. INB MED SKYDDSOMSLAG. 184 SIDOR. 100 FOTOGRAFIER. I S/V. FINT SKICK. 25,5*19,5 CM. CELEBRATED internationally on a scale almost unprecedented for a living artist, Henry Moore is acknowledged as one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century. In describing his long and distinguished life and the development of his work, this book concentrates on the artist more than on his art, for although his work has been the subject of many studies and is familiar to a vast public throughout the world, the life and character of Henry Moore who is wary by nature of personal adulation and publicity remain comparatively little known. William Packer (art critic for the Financial Times) draws a perceptive and authoritative portrait of the artist, from his working-class childhood in Yorkshire before the First World War to his present position as elder statesman of British art. Calling upon Moores own reflections and memories as well as those of his friends and colleagues, he describes his early encouragement by enlightened and sympathetic teachers, his experiences as a soldier on the Western Front, his return to art college in Leeds and London, and his painful struggle to reconcile the narrow and rigid tenets of academic art with his own powerful response to primitive art (at that time disregarded by the artistic establishment). Extracts from contemporary newspapers document clearly the heated controversy provoked by his work in the late I920:s and early 1930:s. The public at large reacted with an outraged and righteous indignation that served to highlight and develop in the young artist qualities of character integrity, determination and courage which inevitably inform his work and which, coupled with his innate sense of a duty to further the general good, led him to embrace radical ideals in the social and political spheres as well as in art. By the end of the Second World War, when his work as an official war artist particularly his Shelter drawings lent the disrupted lives of ordinary people a haunting epic quality, he was suddenly a respected public figure, honoured at home and an unofficial ambassador abroad. The award of the Grand Prix for Sculpture at the Venice Biennale in 1948 set the pattern for a triumphal progress, showered with international accolades and honours, that has never ceased. But, as this book shows, throughout it all his priorities remained unchanged, and life at Perry Green in Hertfordshire continues to revolve as it always has done since he moved there with his wife Irina in 1940 around his work. 100 photographs illustrate the text: those of Moores early and middle years have been selected from his private archive, while more recent subjects, covering all aspects of his working life and showing his studios and working methods, have been taken by Gemma Levine, a frequent visitor to Perry Green who has worked with Henry Moore on various books and exhibition projects. Together text and pictures give a fascinating portrait of one of the greatest artists of our trine.
Shire plc is a rapidly growing global specialty biopharmaceutical company who has emerged as a company fully focused on a single purpose: to enable people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives. Shire has a global sales and marketing infrastructure with a broad portfolio of products and its own direct marketing capability in the US, Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Shire is now establishing a new operation in the Nordic countries to commercialise its Specialty Pharmaceutical products in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. Several specialty medicines that were successfully launched in this region by a distributor are shortly to transfer to this new Shire Nordic operation which will also be planning the introduction of new medicines from Shire\'s development pipeline.Ass Sales & Marketing Director Nordics, ADHD area Shire PharmaceuticalsThe Associate Sales & Marketing Director Nordic will have the responsibility to manage and develop the Shire business within the ADHD area in all the Nordic countries by managing, developing and motivating the sales force. He/she will devise sales strategies and programs to achieve defined sales objectives in order to contribute to the overall objectives. The responsibility also includes to develop, implement and drive marketing plans and objectives for all the Nordic countries.Key ResponsibilitiesStrategic (40%)* Set realistic, challenging, measurable sales targets agreed by the Senior Sales and Marketing Director and develop an appropriate compensation plan.* Responsible for managing the marketing department as assigned. Being responsible for and managing the marketing budget.* To set and priories marketing objectives across the product range assigned for.* To assess and manage the impact of strategic initiatives within the M&S department.* Develop a sales plan according to the marketing strategy & promotional priorities for the business.* Manage & allocate the promotional budget * Control expenses, ensuring they remain within budget Tactic sales (30%)Performance management1. Organize the implementation of the sales plan* Prepare cycle plans with effective coverage expectations* Prepare & organize sales deployment (customer allocation)* Manage budget expenses2. Monitor sales force efforts/activities* Evaluate call reports & daily activity reports* Analyze regional & hospital sales figures (incl. IMS analysis)3. Develop and maintain close working relationships with KOL 4. Manage all employee relations and/or performance issues within the sales force where sales figures are impactedTeam management (15%)1. Select/recruit high quality staff with respect to the hiring process :* Define success profiles* Develop candidate pools* Attract good people2. To manage and motivate sales and marketing employees by:* Providing sales incentives for performance* Developing individuals and ensure relevant training is in place to meet company requirements2. Build a sales team through effective coaching, training, Feed-back and recognition. 3. Lead a sales team through coaching, providing data, tools & systems, motivation & evaluation : * Practice Performance Management Communication & Team (15%)1. Vertical : - Report to the Managing Director and discuss performance, sales Force activities and personal development of Sales Force2. Horizontal : - prepare and participate actively in commercial staff meetings, Sales & Marketingmeetings- collaborate with managing director and marketing manager in order to optimize territorial management- collaborate with Shire\'s International training department in order to get effective training programs for each team member3. External : - Maintain contact with KOL, suppliers and act as an ambassador of Shire during meetings with health care professionals, congresses and symposia- Work with Shire partners in order to develop and execute international and corporate strategy- Input into planning with international sales and marketing and STAT functionsSales* Responsible for the sales in the region* Develop long term business relationships through regular contact with relevant Clinicians, non-clinical managers and other staff to maximise business opportunities in the relevant specialties.Education & Experience RequirementsAcademic background (natural sciences ,pharmacy), degree or equivalent in related discipline.Preferred experience as Manager with sales experience or equivalent background for more than 5 years. Previous experience of managing people.Preferred knowledge in relevant therapy areas.Clear, self confident, positive way of behavior, stress resistant.Marketing, sales and scientific capabilities.Desirable: Marketing and Sales experience in pharmaceutical business.High range of identification with company and products.Key skills & Competencies- High skill level in communication, presentation and moderation. - Cooperative and team focused.- Strong business acumen.- Networking capabilities, strategic thinking, and tactical planning. - Good numerical skills.- Complex knowledge of pharmaceutical, scientific, and product background. - Very good understanding of the market. Good understanding of the Nordic market in terms of needs and argumentation towards the professional healthcare.- Good understanding of legal requirements concerning promotional material and actions in the Nordic countries.-Positive and problem solving attitudes towards the work.-Fluent in English (written and verbal) and at least one of the Nordic languages.Shire\'s benefits package includes competitive base salary, bonus, holiday, private healthcare, and many other benefit programmes.For further information on Shire, please visit www.TimeToBeBrave.com.Shire, To be as brave as the people we help