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6 svarta assietter arthur percy gefle säljes

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Jonathan Cape London. 1 uppl. 2005. 360 s. Inbunden. Senapsgult dekorativt klotband med tryck i svart och vitt. 25x16cm. 670 gram. Mycket gott skick. Engelsk text. Ur texten: "ARTHUR: A child wants to see. It always begins like this, and it began like this then. A child wanted to see. GEORGE: George does not have a first memory, and by the time anyone suggests that it might be normal to have one, it is too late. He has no recollection obviously preceding all others - not of being picked up, cuddled, laughed at or chastised"..
Arthur PercyGefle6 svarta assietter 1930 tal Art Deco
6 assietter 18 cm 500 kr 6 assietter 18,5 cm 500 kr Alla är i fint skick, utan nagg och krackeleringar!
6 st svarta assietter av Arthur Percy, Gefle. De är 18 cm, i bra skick utan nagg eller krackeleringar.