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4 kastruller made by its norway säljes

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Taylor Made 320 järn set (PW-J3), dvs 8 st järn. Stålskaft R-80 (rifleshaft). J3:an är ospelad. Nypris år 2004 var 8 995 kr. Mitt pris nu är 1 500 kr. Givetvis original (serienr. finns på J5:an). Nedan lite specifikationer: Cast from the highest quality stainless steel, the 320 irons feature Taylor Made's exclusive Feel Cartridge, a series of pins and cells which dampen the vibrations usually associated with oversized, cavity-back heads. The benefit is more consistent feel across the whole of the face. Each club is optimized for its intended shot: the long irons have a lower center of gravity to help get the ball airborne, while the shorter irons have a higher center of gravity to reduce drag and prevent shots from ballooning. The 320 Series feature a moderate topline and slight offset - for a traditional, yet confident feel at address. A popular, easy-hitting club suitable for almost all abilities.
Ibanez RG 507 from 1996. Made in Japan, Seymour Duncan HH Pickups in the bridge position and Ibanez V7 pickups in middle and Neck, Low pro edge bridge, wizard neck, GOTOH tuners. Black colour. An outstanding rock guitar. The guitar has been toured and it has some scratches and dings, but nothing that affect its payability at all, it only gives it some personality :-). Neck, frets, pickups, electronics, bridge are in perfect shape, you can check it yourself. It comes with a hardcase.
Translated from the Original by H. Polano. 2003. 384 s. (utkom första gången 1876; Book Tree; nytt ex.) Förlagets information: The Talmud is one of the most important holy books of the Hebrew religion and of the world. No English translation of the book existed until the author presented this work. To this day, very little of the actual text seems available in English -- although we find many interpretive commentaries on what it is supposed to mean. The Talmud has a reputation for being long and difficult to digest, but Polano has taken what he believes to be the best material and put it into extremely readable form. As far as holy books of the world are concerned, it is on par with The Koran, The Bhagavad-Gita and, of course, The Bible, in importance. This clearly written edition will allow many to experience The Talmud who may have otherwise not had the chance.
1. Espressomaskin med inbyggd mjölkskummare. Bra skick Extra tillbehör: skopa/kaffemått och kaffekvarn, två olika mått 300:- 2. Kastruller 3st och 1 stekpanna Nyskick. Märke : Made by ITS Norway ( ej för inductions spis) 300:- 3. Äggkoppar 4st + 4 skedar. 50:- 4. Kaffekoppar 2st. Nya. Rörstrand design by Filippa K. 50:- 5. Bruna koppar med fat. 6st. Nya. 40:- 6. Svarta koppar 4st. Nyskick. 20:-
This Conga was custom made for me by "Cordova" in Cuba. He only made 3 of this model in 2002 and I have 2 of them. Its cut from a single tree. The carvings are by Cordova. All I did was hand paint it and add 5 coats of Laquor. The sound is Unique. It blows over other Quintos with it's sound. Notice the Conga has 2 sound chambers. All the Metal is perfect with 6 tighteners and it has not a scratch. This is a drum for a professional man on Stage.